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Tuesday 12 April 2022

Max and Miles: How to Add Some Color to Your Cremated Remains

Talking about death, memorials and urns shouldn’t be that somber.  A touch of color and beautiful design can bring a sense of comfort and a feeling of light and warmth at a time when you are grieving and hurting. 

In this episode of the Glam Reaper Podcast, Jennifer had the opportunity to converse with Max and Miles of Oaktree Memorials. Through their wonderful work, this duo always brings incredible support to the family of the deceased from start to end.

Max Lemper-Tabatsky and Miles Adams co-founded Oaktree Memorials and Trust Loyal after experiencing firsthand how difficult it can be to find modern memorials made with exceptional and sustainable materials. People reached out to them to find contemporary, handmade urns and handcrafted jewelry for their loved one’s and their loyal pet’s ashes.

  • About Max and Miles and how they co-founded Oaktree Memorials
  • How do Oaktree Memorials and Trust Loyal brands contrast?
  • What is involved in the production of modern, contemporary memorial urns? 
  • Are they into memorial jewelry as well?
  • For memorials, which is doing better, the human side or the pet side?
  • What is in store for Max and Miles for the rest of 2022?


Connect with Max and Miles:

Oaktree Memorials

Loyal Pet Memorials

Connect with Jennifer/The Glam Reaper: 

Facebook Page: Muldowney Memorials & Rainbow Bridge Memorials

Instagram: @muldowneymemorials 



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