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Thursday 29 June 2023

The Radical Reaper: Sandra’s Green Vision


What if the final stage of your human journey could support the circle of life in the most natural and earth-friendly way?

Welcome to an inspiring discussion that pushes the boundaries of tradition and catalyzes a much-needed conversation about eco-consciousness, even after life. In today's episode, Jennifer dives into that which is not just shaking the ground, but actually, returns us to it. 

Join Jennifer and Sandra, aka ‘The Radical Reaper,’ as they explore this groundbreaking concept, shedding light on how we can take our environmental responsibilities beyond our human experience. Get ready to redefine the cycle of life and death, as we explore the delicate, but profound intersection of mortality, dignity, and eco-consciousness. 

One of Sandra’s goals for 2023 is to get the word out there, and educate families on their rights in the funeral service. 

What are the thoughts of our fellow Irish people? Do you think alkaline hydrolysis or green burial will take off in Ireland?

“My goal is to educate families on their rights that they have in the funeral service.” - Sandra Baker

- How Sandra, The Radical Reaper, became a licensed mortician in three states. 
- Freelance funeral director? Explore the possibility of stepping into the world of freelancing!
- TheEnd.Green Foundation: Providing access to education, support, & funding for those advancing a more symbiotic relationship with death and dying.
- What happens when our planet’s burial space reaches its full capacity?
- The green future of human composting, alkaline hydrolysis, and other types of green burial arrangements.

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Connect with Sandra Baker:


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Friday 23 June 2023

The Glam Reaper Goes to Niagara Falls!


Boss Lady, Jennifer Muldowney, took a little trip back in February to Niagara Falls. She needed a time out and water is her zen so off she went on her travels to renew her creativity, write and find her way back to her peace.

Do you ever go on mini trips for your own peace of mind?
What's on your bucket list?
And most importantly, 'Where to next?'

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Tuesday 20 June 2023

From 'Anti-Hero' to Icon: Taylor Swift's Titan Casket


In this eye-opening episode of The Glam Reaper Podcast, Jennifer delves into the unique journey and insightful experiences of Scott Ginsberg and Joshua Siegel—the brains behind the breakthrough brand, Titan Casket.

We kick off with a captivating exploration of how Titan Casket began. 

Uncover how two people transformed an unorthodox idea into a thriving business that's changing industry norms!

A highlight of this conversation is the surprising ripple effect caused by one of Taylor Swift’s music videos. Discover how this unexpected exposure led to an explosion in Titan Casket's popularity, catapulting the brand into the global spotlight almost overnight.

Moving onto a topic often shrouded in discomfort, Jennifer, Scott, and Joshua discuss the necessity of normalizing conversations about caskets and funerals. Learn why it's essential to break the silence and open up dialogue about these inevitable aspects of our existence.

Whether you're curious about the entrepreneurial spirit, seek to understand more about the funeral industry, or are a die-hard fan of Taylor Swift, this episode has something for you. Don't miss it!


- The story behind Titan Casket

- Anti-Hero: How Taylor Swift's music video catapulted Titan Casket into popularity

- Breaking the taboo: Why we need to normalize conversations about caskets and funerals

- Titan Casket’s product lines

- Behind the veil: The psychological impact of managing funerals to those in the industry

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Saturday 10 June 2023

Culinary Crypts: Rosie’s Recipe Revelations


Welcome to another episode of The Glam Reaper Podcast, where we explore the fascinating world of funerals, death, and all things morbidly captivating. In this episode, we're thrilled to have Rosie Grant join our host Jennifer for an intriguing and delicious conversation. Rosie interestingly gained her internet fame all because of a homework assignment! We are delighted that she's here to share her story and insights with us!

In the first part of the episode, we hear about Jennifer's life beyond the funeral industry, uncovering her diverse interests and passions. Next, Rosie recounts her journey of researching, discovering and recreating tombstone recipes, which ignited her newfound passion. She also shares the secrets behind her captivating content and mouthwatering recipes that have taken the internet by storm. Jennifer and Rosie then dive into groundbreaking burial alternatives, exploring how innovative practices are challenging traditional norms and forging new paths in the funeral industry.

As the conversation continues, Rosie and Jennifer bond over their shared fascination for food and cemeteries, including a grave as far away as Israel that has captured their attention. They discuss the allure of intriguing epitaphs and the stories they tell about those who have passed. Finally, Jennifer and Rosie discuss how we as humans, have a natural morbid curiosity, shedding light on the darker side of life and how it influences our perceptions of death and the afterlife.


- Exploring Jennifer's world beyond the funeral industry: Her diverse interests unveiled!
- Gravestone-inspired recipes? Join Rosie as she recounts her captivating journey and newfound passion.
- Delve into the secrets of Rosie's enthralling content and irresistible recipes – revealed!
- Rethinking funerals: Jennifer and Rosie dive into innovative burial alternatives leaving tradition behind.
- A mesmerizing grave in Israel: Rosie and Jennifer share their passion for cemeteries and intriguing epitaphs.
- Morbid curiosity unraveled: Jennifer and Rosie delve into the mysteries of our dark fascinations.

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