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Friday 3 March 2023

Jack Mitchell: Exceptional Learning and Networking with the President of NFDA


In this episode of The Glam Reaper Podcast, Jennifer has an interesting conversation with the new President-elect of the NFDA (National Funeral Directors Association), Jack Mitchell. Jack is a sixth-generation funeral director with Mitchell-Wiedefeld Funeral Home in Baltimore, Maryland.

Even at a young age and after being exposed to the family business, he already has that appreciation for what funeral directors do for people, and how helpful they are to people. Now as the new president-elect, he is looking to expand on the effort and the work of the association, especially where regulations are concerned.

See for yourself how interesting the conversation turned out to be.  Enjoy!

“The number one thing above all others that our members are telling us is their challenge, right now is simply getting good funeral directors.”  - Jack Mitchell


- Jack Mitchell’s background and his journey to becoming the president-elect of the NFDA

- Did Jack consider not following in his family's funeral service business?  

- His experience attending the National Conventions then and now

- How has COVID-19 affected Jack Mitchell’s ascendancy to the presidency of NFDA? 

- What makes the theme for the Service Remembrance for the 2022 National Convention in Baltimore extra interesting and special? 

- Jack's thoughts on having celebrants, other than the clergy, for the Service of Remembrance

- As the new president of NFDA, what are Jack's goals and objectives for the organization?

- How does Jack feel about his new role?

- Jennifer's side story about how she found out about and how it can help someone learn which part in the world their DNA comes from

Connect with Jack Mitchell:

NFDA - Website - Facebook -

Connect with Jennifer/The Glam Reaper:

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