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Thursday 13 July 2023

Tom Anderson: A Day in the Life of a Funeral Director


Ever wondered what it’s like to be a funeral director? In this brand-new episode of The Glam Reaper podcast, host Jennifer walks us through a day in the life of a funeral director along with her special guest, Tom Anderson.

Tom has been in the industry as a funeral director since the year 1980. Since then, he has worked at and owned a funeral home before selling it in 2013. He also started the blog, Funeral Director Daily, focusing on death care, funeral service, cremation, and related subjects and serving as a free source of news and information on the funeral care business. 

Tune in as Jennifer and Tom talk about important matters in the funeral industry, what it means to be a funeral director and how the recent innovations in the funeral industry are helping save the environment.

Hit the play button for more scientific but interesting facts that revolve around life and death! Enjoy!

- Tom’s background and how he became a funeral director
- An overview of Tom’s blog, Funeral Director Daily and the different topics it covers
- Tom’s thoughts about cremation and how it can help the environment
- An overview of the responsibilities of a funeral director

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