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Wednesday 21 July 2021

Feng Shui to help with Life, Love and Loss with Guru Patricia Lohan







Welcome to another episode of The Glam Reaper. I am your host Jennifer, delighted to impart all my knowledge and experiences through my podcast episodes and together with my special guests about different aspects of life, love, loss, and funerals.

In today’s episode, I had a very wonderful conversation with the powerhouse of energy and amazingness, we have the fabulous Patricia Lohan. She is a feng shui expert that will show you how to create the health, wealth, and prosperity you’ve been working towards.

Our conversation started with a bit of an overview of Feng Shui from Patricia. She gave amazing insights into how Feng Shui has been from the start. It is a huge part of Chinese philosophy as it is also connected with death and used to help the bereaved family find the best placement for their gravesites. Furthermore, Feng Shui can also be used in improving your life, love, and prosperity. In addition to this, Patricia shared how she met her husband by following what she learned from India.

Our host, Jennifer, also had a fair share of her experience following the Feng Shui tips from Patricia. It is one of the big things Jennifer took away was her fake plants. Patricia explained why she doesn’t recommend having fake plants because the chain energy gets stagnant with it. Feng Shui is all about movement and flow and fake plants have no sense of movement and life. As the conversation progressed, Patricia also shared 3 key things on how feng shui can help us in improving our lives. Want to know more about this? Stay with us and start collecting these nuggets of gold!

Little nuggets of gold

- What is Feng Shui?

- The beginning of Feng Shui

- How Patricia started with Feng Shui

- Deep understanding about Feng Shui

- 3 Key things how Feng Shui can help yo

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