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Monday 10 April 2023

Modern Mortician: Opening the First Not-for-Profit Funeral Home in the U.S.

They say everything is better the second time around, which is why Jennifer is back on the Glam Reaper podcast for another episode with the Modern Mortician, Melissa Meadow.  

This time, we’re in for another treat as Melissa lets us in on her current project: the very first not-for-profit funeral home and conservation burial park in the United States. 

Her goal? To ease the burden off the shoulders of those who could not afford to give their loved ones sustainable funeral care.  

But what exactly is the story behind Melissa’s newest venture? 

Tune in to this intriguing conversation between the Glam Reaper and the Modern Mortician as they discuss that question, their vision for the funeral industry, and more.

“For me, I just wanna have a place to live and die.” - Melissa Meadows 


  • The story behind Melissa’s not-for-profit funeral home and conservation burial park 
  • How she plans to facilitate the funding of the project 
  • Her biggest WHY for the entire project 
  • A cool story about a place in Washington that has ties to Melissa’s maiden name, Unfred 

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