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Friday 20 August 2021

How The Girls Run The (Funeral) World - a two parter!

In this episode of The Glam Reaper Podcast....

- A wonderful introduction about the Death Wives

- How to become a Funeral Director

- The different sides of funerals

- The commonalities of Birth and Death Doula

- What is a green funeral?

- How can Death Wives help other people

- What is a water cremation?

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Sunday 1 August 2021

How to Navigate Through Letting a Pet go and the Love Loss left in your Life

In today’s episode, we have Anna Champagne from Lap of Love. Lap of love supports in-home animal euthanasia, a veterinary hospice, geriatric, and end-of-life care, and offers pet loss support. They make sure that your pet will be comfortable before its ultimate end. The interview progressed with Anna sharing more of the services that Lap of Love offers and how she became part of this wonderful Lap of Love. A woman-owned business that supports veterinarians in your local area, the business has spread fast and wide in only a few years.

An interesting chat with the lovely Anna that reveals a sad truth - when IS the right time for euthanasia? Stay tuned as Anna helps shed some light on pet euthanasia, our love of animals, and how you can take care of your pet and the end-of-life journey for them.

Little nuggets of gold:
- What is Lap of Love?
- Anna’s journey in becoming a veterinarian
- Other animals that Lap of Love takes care of 
- How Lap of Love hospice works
- When is the right time for euthanasia?
- How a stateside successful woman-owned business stays local

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