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Sunday 24 May 2015

Playing the drums

So I'm in Starbucks in Baltimore yesterday and Facetiming regarding an upcoming conference for my jewelry and when I hang up the gentleman sitting beside me starts up a conversation about my accent and his Irish heritage. We get into it pretty thick and he divulges some personal information about his parents' deaths and their funerals and how his daughter never met his father, her grandfather.

It's amazing when strangers make a connection, even a quick one. What I thought was cool was he was telling me about his father's funeral and how they had wanted to play the drums but the priest wasn't too happy about it. They decided to do it anyway and he told me about how the sound reverberated through every single person and was so effective and emotional that they decided to go one further and bring the drummer to perform at the cemetery. Apparently the sound echoed for miles. How amazing is that? What a send off! I would never have thought of drums for my own funeral but now I'm thinking bring it on! Sounds like the best way to go out with a colorful bang!