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Monday 10 October 2022

Cake: A Symbol of Celebrating Life Moments with Suelin Chen


Have you thought of planning your funeral? Funeral preplanning is important because it guarantees that when your time comes, your family can have a fitting and personal farewell. This means giving yourself and your loved ones the best chance of moving forward in a healthy way from the loss of a loved one.

In this episode of the Glam Reaper Podcast, Jennifer is joined by special guest, Suelin Chen, CEO of Cake, where she tells us all about her company, a digital self-serve suite of tools spanning from planning to bereavement support.

Tune in to learn how you can make your final journey extra meaningful. Enjoy!

- How to create a plan for a meaningful ending so they can live their best life through Cake
- CAKE: A symbol of celebrating life moments
- Why end-of-life planning is actually all about honoring life.
- The importance of funeral planning, and how it feels to set up your own
- Why should people know how funeral services work?

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Saturday 8 October 2022

Life and Death in the Funeral World: An Interview with the Hosts of Undertaking the Podcast - Part II


Part 1 of this podcast had these three fabulous hosts discussing the idea of a celebrant. If you missed the episode, catch it first before you tune into the more light-hearted part 2.  

It does get serious a little in this episode where we discuss how funeral directors get alot of backlash from every side. Is it a business, is it an industry? Should people be expected to work for free? Do families feel robbed when at a funeral home? Does the media make us think that?

The conversation talks about preplanning and how we are all unique humans at the end of the day and everyone suffers loss, even your funeral directors. 

A lighter tone was used at the end of the conversation, and it was a great way to conclude the episode.  Enjoy! 

- What is the value of giving a funeral service? 
- A thank you note received by Brian that disproves what people are thinking about Funeral Directors.
- Why is Jennifer not going back into being a wedding planner?
- Jennifer's book, her 3rd book coming up and the podcast. 
- About the Undertaking Podcast where Funeral Directors, Ryan Ballard and Brian Waters discuss life, death and the stories of funeral service.
- Jennifer posed a question to Brian and Allan - Who are your favorite and your worst guests? 
- Ryan and Brian being asked on what is the future of the funeral industry and what is their funeral song? 

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Life and Death in the Funeral World: An Interview with the Hosts of Undertaking the Podcast - Part I


The guys from “Undertaking, The Podcast”, Brian Waters and Ryan Ballard joined The Glam Reaper, Jennifer Muldowney in this epic two-part (and maybe more!) episode talking all things funeral.  As we are both natural hosts of our own podcasts, there was a reversal of roles throughout.  I asked questions of the lads and Brian quizzed me back which I happily obliged!

Of course, we chatted and discussed and digressed so much that we had to edit this into two episodes and honestly, it could have been 3 but I figured not everyone wants to hear us just shooting the sh*t. In this episode, you will hear us focus mostly on the idea of the celebrant and what it can do for both families and funeral homes. Happy listening! 


  • What goes into the thought process in creating a memorial and being a celebrant?
  • How does a celebrant help a funeral home?
  • What happened when Brian, a Funeral Director, was asked to offer eulogies for the departed? 
  • Why is it okay to get emotional during the funeral service?
  • What about the clergy? Will they be replaced by celebrants?
  • How rewarding is it to be a celebrant?

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Tuesday 14 June 2022

Elizabeth Fournier: A Celebration of Life, the Green Way



Notice how many people are into renewable energy, protecting the environment, eco-friendly options, and so on? It is therefore not surprising that people can also embrace the green lifestyle even when handling the end-of-life phase through the so-called ‘green burial’ options.

This is the episode where the Glam Reaper, Jennifer, meets the Green Reaper, Elizabeth Fournier. Elizabeth is the author of “The Green Burial Guidebook: Everything You Need to Plan an Affordable, Environmentally Friendly Burial” and she helps families with how they want to celebrate the lives of their dearly departed. There are many options, of course, but being a member of the Advisory Board for the Green Burial Council, she is certainly an authority on the subject and why she is known as the “Green Reaper”. Enjoy listening!

- About Elizabeth Fournier's journey in the funeral industry and her green burial initiative.
- What is the story of Elizabeth's first natural burial experience?
- How many states allow natural burial and what sorts of legal restrictions are there in every state?
- What are some problems that we can anticipate with natural burial and what precautions should be taken beforehand?
- How did that first natural burial go and how did Elizabeth's green journey progress from that?
- Does Elizabeth's funeral home only do green burials?


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Wednesday 8 June 2022

Crystal Webster: Sharing Solace in Times of Grief

Sometimes your grief is aggravated by people who, in spite of coming from a sincere place of wanting to support, are not really helping. They say things that are not supposed to be told to a grieving person, when really they are just trying to help in their wrong, awkward way. When we are supporting someone who is grieving, we just need to understand that they are clouded with emotions and can sometimes act irrational.

Sharing Solace was officially launched May 19, 2018, on the 8th birthday of Crystal Webster’s daughter Madelyn Elizabeth, who died in her arms just after 8 beautiful hours of giving birth to her. In this episode of the Glam Reaper Podcast, Crystal tells Jennifer that the idea of Sharing Solace was from Madelyn, at a time when she felt that she was ready to begin to heal and help others do the same. 

If you’re going through a difficult phase in your grieving journey, this episode is your reminder that it's OK to feel lost and it is OK to want extra support. Enjoy!


- Crystal’s painful journey of loss
- How Crystal came out of the dark place and started the business of helping those who grieve heal
- The flagship locket set from Sharing Solace and their mission for people in grief
- How Crystal is able to work with people who share their stories of grief
- The problem most funeral homes have when it comes to arranging children's funerals
- The importance of pre-planning your funeral
- Jennifer’s experience every time she attends the Professional Women's Conference by NFDA (National Funeral Directors Association)
- The Hanlon's Razor concept

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Should Planning Your Own Funeral Be Scary or Fun with Erica Hill

They say that you can't always get what we want in life. But sometimes, what’s even worse than that is we can’t always get what we want afterlife, as well.  How many funerals have you been at where you have questioned the lack of ‘personality of the deceased’ in the service? It is a serious thing. And a serious problem in the funeral business.

So should you be spending time planning your funeral now, even at an early age? In this episode of the Glam Reaper Podcast, Jennifer has an enlightening conversation with Erica Hill about how she created Sparrow, a contemporary funeral home in Brooklyn. Erica feels that people are looking for something different in their final story, funeral/memorial, which is why she continues to try and make sure it is a story being told from the heart.

- What makes Erica think that Sparrow’s service is different in comparison with the rest?
- Why did Erica venture into the founding of Sparrow Funeral Home?
- What was wrong with most funeral services in failing to properly represent the deceased
- Why is pre-planning of your funeral important? 
- What is the plan for the future for Sparrow?
- Erica shares one of her unforgettable recollections of a funeral service that Sparrow did

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Tuesday 7 June 2022

Mobile Technology for People Who Are Grieving with Emma Payne

Have you ever struggled on what to say to people who are grieving the death of a loved one? Worried that what you plan to say can trigger more emotional stress instead of alleviating the hurt and unintentionally cause a loved one pain?

Grieving is hard, but a strong support system in the form of family and friends can dramatically alter everything for the grieving person.  Thankfully, getting and becoming a good support does not have to be hard. 

This week's guest on the Glam Reaper Podcast, Emma Payne, will talk about how she used her expertise and passion for technology to give people the confidence and tools they need to cope with grief. 

Take a listen as Jennifer and Emma talk about how providing support during a time of loss can be a profound experience. Support is just a text away!

  • What is ‘Grief Coach’ and what prompted Emma to launch it?
  • How can people obtain a subscription to ‘Grief Coach?
  • Emma’s thoughts on the fear of saying or doing something
  • How does the subscription work?
  • Was there a situation where the subscription went wrong?
  • What are some ways that the industry still lacks expertise in several areas and is not updated with the current trends?
  • Is ‘Grief Coach’ just available in Ireland or is it available globally?
  • What are Emma’s thoughts on the future of the funeral business?

Connect with Emma Payne:
Note: Grief Coach is now Help Texts

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Tuesday 12 April 2022

Max and Miles: How to Add Some Color to Your Cremated Remains

Talking about death, memorials and urns shouldn’t be that somber.  A touch of color and beautiful design can bring a sense of comfort and a feeling of light and warmth at a time when you are grieving and hurting. 

In this episode of the Glam Reaper Podcast, Jennifer had the opportunity to converse with Max and Miles of Oaktree Memorials. Through their wonderful work, this duo always brings incredible support to the family of the deceased from start to end.

Max Lemper-Tabatsky and Miles Adams co-founded Oaktree Memorials and Trust Loyal after experiencing firsthand how difficult it can be to find modern memorials made with exceptional and sustainable materials. People reached out to them to find contemporary, handmade urns and handcrafted jewelry for their loved one’s and their loyal pet’s ashes.

  • About Max and Miles and how they co-founded Oaktree Memorials
  • How do Oaktree Memorials and Trust Loyal brands contrast?
  • What is involved in the production of modern, contemporary memorial urns? 
  • Are they into memorial jewelry as well?
  • For memorials, which is doing better, the human side or the pet side?
  • What is in store for Max and Miles for the rest of 2022?


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Oaktree Memorials

Loyal Pet Memorials

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How to Get Sued (In the Funeral World)

During the final disposition of the deceased, there are a variety of legal considerations that arise from some interesting, outrageous or even very intimate stories that you won’t believe actually happens for families and relations. For this reason, to avoid any disputes among the family members, it is critical to have some instructions written clearly on how to handle the remains. Jennifer sits down with Chris Farmer in this episode of The Glam Reaper to get some legal insights about the funeral industry and the people they serve. Chris has 15 years of experience in providing legal advice to funeral homes, cemeteries, crematoriums and industry suppliers throughout North America. Tune in to learn all the things you should (and should not do) so you don’t get sued in the funeral world!


  • Chris Farmer’s background as a lawyer and eventual role as the funeral industry's legal advisor
  • Chris' thoughts on why there is a stigma around lawyers and funeral directors
  • Some very interesting, outrageous and intimate cases that Chris has handled for the funeral industry (some of which you may not believe actually happened).
  • Precautions funeral homes and crematoriums should take to protect themselves from litigation
  • The importance of proper documentation before a cremation?
  • Chris' insights on the new methods of disposition and what makes people gravitate to any of those
  • The one thing Chris would change in the funeral industry
  • Jennifer asks Chris a daring question on what his funeral song would be
  • Some last thoughts Chris wants to share to the listeners

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Wednesday 2 February 2022

The Modern Mortician: Behind the Scenes of Funeral Planning


There is so much controversy over the options that are available for the end of life processes due to differences in legislation, corporate greed and inaccurate information being put out there to people. While there are a variety of end-of-life options that people can choose from, it ultimately all comes down to what choice you and the family make when planning for the final event. That choice will come as a result of education, and from people who are willing to educate on the level of true information.

Jennifer’s interview with Melissa Unfred, known in the funeral industry as the Modern Mortician, is very informative because as an expert herself, she gives an overview of what the future holds for the industry. In this episode on the Glam Reaper Podcast, Melissa offers a whole new perspective on the new technology that can save our planet from destruction by using green practices such as natural burials or cremation instead of conventional burial methods.

Listen as Jennifer and Melissa talk about everything you should know in preparation for the final event in life. 

Please enjoy!


  • The Modern Mortician, Melissa Unfred, introduces herself
  • How Kermit came into the life of Melissa and became her partner in crime of sorts in Tiktok and Instagram
  • A course that Melissa will soon offer on the steps and trainings dog owners need to go through for their dogs
  • How did Melissa shift to the green burial niche in the funeral industry? 
  • Melissa's viewpoint on educating people on green burial technology and why embalming is not her forte
  • What are Melissa’s thoughts on the inaccurate information circulated on embalming and being pushed by some influencers and sectors with their own agendas?
  • The premise of having a united educational course or degrees and licensing for the industry
  • The current methods of disposition that Melissa is advocating for continuous learning
  • Melissa’s personal burial preference
  • What is composting?
  • Different variations of Alkaline Hydrolysis, commonly referred to as water cremation
  • What does Melissa think about the future of burials, particularly in terms of cremation?
  • What can the funeral industry do in spite of it being the tiny percent of the worldwide industry in saving the planet and its environment?
  • Melissa’s plans and the classes she is developing

Friday 28 January 2022

Keith Crawford: Reimagining Traditional Funeral Experiences

After years of working with Nike in Portland as Creative Directors, Keith Crawford and David Odusanya co-founded Solace Cremation in 2019. The idea came about after their own personal experiences with the death of a loved one and this inspired them to integrate their design expertise and innovative consumer-driven approach to the funeral industry.

The core concept of the service Solace Cremation provides to families is the acceptance that they cannot make the loss any easier and take away grief, but that Solace Cremation can make this part of the loss a lot easier and less confusing. 

Tune in for yet another great interview by Jennifer the Glam Reaper, where she aims to help people to make informed decisions on the methods of disposition available these days.

  • Keith Crawford talks about his story
  • How was Solace Cremation founded and what is the concept behind the startup company?
  • How is it possible to ‘take out’ funeral homes and bring them online?
  • The growth of Solace Cremation
  • Keith’s thoughts on the funeral industry shift to new ideas and methods of disposition
  • How does Solace Cremation choose their cremation partners and how does Keith feel about big corporations scooping up the business from local businesses?
  • The before, during, and after service processes of Solace Cremation.
  • Some creative ways families have devised after the passing of their loved ones to honor their legacy
  • Keith’s fear that so many startups in the funeral industry will be gone after some years

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Monday 3 January 2022

The Cycle Of Lives: a Journey Through Emotional Chaos with David Richman

The impact of cancer in peoples’ lives is getting a lot more attention now than it has ever been before. The emotional toll that this takes for patients, survivors and those still battling it can be extremely draining for everyone around them, especially for their families.

This conversation Jennifer had with David Richman on this new episode of the Glam Reaper Podcast was very insightful as he shared his firsthand experience of having someone in the family deal with the disease.

In this episode, David shares his story about cancer, how he managed to turn his life around and the two bestseller books he has written. His most recent one is "Cycle Of Lives: 15 People’s Stories, 5,000 Miles, and a Journey Through the Emotional Chaos of Cancer”. It’s a book featuring fifteen life stories, including those of cancer survivors, doctors, nurses, etc., giving people a 360 degree view on cancer.

At the heart of the conversation is about the choices we make in life and our perspectives. Listen to this episode to find out what matters most in life in under an hour. Enjoy!

  • David Richman talks about himself, his life’s journey and the point in his life when he decided to start doing things for himself
  • The compelling “Terry Story”, one of the 15 stories from his book Cycle of Lives, who in spite of her situation welcomes every morning to see if she had a 50% chance of happiness
  • Interesting ideas on “Perspective” from Jennifer and David.
  • How was David able to endure the marathons, the triathlons, the 87-mile rollerblade ride and the 47 hundred miles bike ride in 45 days?

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