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Tuesday 7 June 2022

Mobile Technology for People Who Are Grieving with Emma Payne

Have you ever struggled on what to say to people who are grieving the death of a loved one? Worried that what you plan to say can trigger more emotional stress instead of alleviating the hurt and unintentionally cause a loved one pain?

Grieving is hard, but a strong support system in the form of family and friends can dramatically alter everything for the grieving person.  Thankfully, getting and becoming a good support does not have to be hard. 

This week's guest on the Glam Reaper Podcast, Emma Payne, will talk about how she used her expertise and passion for technology to give people the confidence and tools they need to cope with grief. 

Take a listen as Jennifer and Emma talk about how providing support during a time of loss can be a profound experience. Support is just a text away!

  • What is ‘Grief Coach’ and what prompted Emma to launch it?
  • How can people obtain a subscription to ‘Grief Coach?
  • Emma’s thoughts on the fear of saying or doing something
  • How does the subscription work?
  • Was there a situation where the subscription went wrong?
  • What are some ways that the industry still lacks expertise in several areas and is not updated with the current trends?
  • Is ‘Grief Coach’ just available in Ireland or is it available globally?
  • What are Emma’s thoughts on the future of the funeral business?

Connect with Emma Payne:
Note: Grief Coach is now Help Texts

Connect with Jennifer/The Glam Reaper: 

Facebook Page: Muldowney Memorials & Rainbow Bridge Memorials

Instagram: @muldowneymemorials 



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