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Wednesday, 8 June 2022

Sharing Solace, You Are Not Alone With Crystal Webster

Sometimes your grief is aggravated by people who in spite of coming from a sincere place of wanting to support are not really helping. They say things that are not supposed to be told to a grieving person, but really they are just trying to help in their wrong awkward way. When we are supporting someone who is grieving, we just need to understand that they are clouded with emotions and can sometimes act irrationally.

Sharing Solace was officially launched May 19, 2018, on the 8th birthday of Crystal Webster’s daughter Madelyn Elizabeth who died in her arms after 8 beautiful hours of giving birth to her. In this episode, Crystal said that the idea of Sharing Solace was from Madelyn and she felt that she was ready to begin to heal and help others do the same. It's OK to feel lost and it is OK to want extra support. 



  • Crystal’s painful journey started in 2010.

  • How did Crystal come out of the dark place and started the business of helping people who are grieving to heal?

  • The flagship locket set from Sharing Solace and their mission for people in grief.

  • How is Crystal able to work with people who share their stories of grief? (...Is she taking people’s grief home and absorbing them, as well?)

  • The problem for funeral homes with children's funeral, how unprepared funeral homes are (...What did Crystal choose to do for Madelyn?)

  • How important is pre-planning of your own funeral?

  • Jennifer’s experience every time she attends the Professional Women's Conference by NFDA (National Funeral Directors Association).

  • What is the concept of Hanlon's Razor? 

Connect with Crystal Webster of Sharing Solace:


Connect with Jennifer/The Glam Reaper: 

Facebook Page: Muldowney Memorials & Rainbow Bridge Memorials

Instagram: @muldowneymemorials 



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