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Tuesday, 12 October 2021

How Accepting Our Death Can Bring Life to Life

 In today’s episode, I have a very interesting conversation with a gentleman who wrote a book about the meaning of life and how accepting death can lead us to a better life. A famous author of a fascinating book on the role of death and life, Sheldon Solomon.

Our conversation started with a bit of introduction about Sheldon’s life and a story on how he became enlightened about life and death. He also shared how the author and cultural anthropologist, Ernest Becker made him feel blown away by the simplicity of the author’s ideas. He also added how he found this author psychologically discombobulating with all his fascinating ideas about life, existence, and death. And with this, it became his inspiration in writing his book.

Stay tuned for more scientific but interesting facts that revolve around life and death. Send us your comments and interesting ideas after listening to this episode. Enjoy!


  • A quick introduction about Sheldon Solomon.
  • Sheldon’s enlightenment about life and death.
  • How does culture influences the way we see life and death.
  • Death, as a part of our lives.
  • How people should embrace their lives.

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Wednesday, 6 October 2021

How Your Loved One Can Become a Real Life Rock


In today’s episode, we have a very interesting guy that I met a long time ago at a Funeral Directors Convention - the founder and CEO of Parting Stones, Justin Crowe. His incredible company developed a technology to offer families an alternative to cremated remains. Instead of receiving a bag of ashes, you may have the choice to receive a collection of solids that look very much like stones. They are the only company in the world that offers alternatives to cremated remains. This idea started when his grandfather died and he started to talk to people about their experiences. As he kept hearing the same story over and over again, about keeping the remains in a closet, basement, or garage as ashes. He thought there would be a great solution and he thought of an alternative. That is how Parting Stones began and solidified remains started. This wonderful process is also offered not just for human remains but also with our loving pets.

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Friday, 1 October 2021

No Story Left Untold With This Startup in the Funeral World

 In today’s episode, we have a wonderful guest that runs a company that deals with capturing people’s stories, Jeremy Bryant, the Co-Founder at No Story Lost.

No Story Lost conducts interviews people who are starting to reflect on life and while they want to look back and reminisce they are also looking forward to the next few years in their lives. They also ask fun questions about looking back on life and ask for wonderful advice for the next generation and their legacies. Also, this company helps families to capture their loved ones' amazing stories, and keep them around forever through records, CDs, or a beautiful coffee table book. These can all be done to document precious moments together. Jeremy also runs a charity in his spare time (!) named, Meal Share. This charity works with different restaurants across Canada to provide meals to youth in need.

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Friday, 17 September 2021

Girl Boss Glam plus Old Antiquated Funeral equals..?


In today’s episode, we have Mallory Greene, the amazing Girl Boss and Co-Founder of Eirene. We started our conversation with a bit about her background. She has worked in the tech industry for over seven years and has a great interest in the startup world. Mallory also likes helping people access certain industries through technology. She is the daughter of a nurse and a funeral director which makes sense. The conversation around life and death became normal for her and contributed to her adult identity.

Her company is called Eirene which means ‘state of peace’. Her co-founder at Eirene came to like the name - it is a very sentimental name to them. It is also an ode to women all over  the world because most of the time, women are the ones making funeral arrangements, also act as caregivers. Eirene makes the funeral arrangement experience simple, affordable, and entirely transparent to their clients. Eirene provides a different and easier experience during an already incredibly difficult time.

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Friday, 10 September 2021

How to.. Funeral 101 - The Larry Series!


In today’s episode, I am really excited to have our guest for today because he is one of my favorite people in the funeral industry, we have Larry Stuart Jr. He owns a business called Cremation Strategies & Consulting and works intimately with funeral industry greats CANA and ICCFA. Larry is also a Certified Funeral Celebrant and believes that every life deserves to be honored and remembered.

Our wonderful conversation started with how me and Larry met! We talk about how he started in the funeral industry and eventually became a consultant specialising in cremation. We talk about what cremation really is and how important the funeral director is to the death process. Whether the consumer wants to hold a ceremony or not after the cremation, respect should always be there. It isn't all about money and funeral directors are not all cowboys! Tune in as Larry and I get into it. This is part 1 of our conversation.

Little nuggets of gold

- A little bit of a background about Larry

- A deeper understanding about cremation

- The value that you give to your clients

- The importance of respecting people’s decision

- Having the willingness to have that open conversation

- Pricing transparency in the Funeral industry

Books mentions:

The Right Way of Death: Restoring the American Funeral Business to its True Calling, Eric Layer

The American Way of Death revisited, Jessica Mitford

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Wednesday, 1 September 2021

How to Grieve together in COVID Times


In today’s episode, we will be focusing more on grief. As we are all aware, thanks to the last 2 years with COVID, some of us experienced grief from a loss of a loved one due to COVID-19 and some were separated for a very long time because of lockdowns and travel bans. I speak with a gentleman living in Isral, Irad Eichler, who has a charity named Seven Chairs now called, Circles who wants to end the loneliness in the world. A big goal I think you will agree!!

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Friday, 20 August 2021

How The Girls Run The (Funeral) World - a two parter!

In this episode of The Glam Reaper Podcast....

- A wonderful introduction about the Death Wives

- How to become a Funeral Director

- The different sides of funerals

- The commonalities of Birth and Death Doula

- What is a green funeral?

- How can Death Wives help other people

- What is a water cremation?

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