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Monday, 1 May 2023

Kari The Mortician’s Journey to Funeral Fame


Welcome to The Glam Reaper Podcast! In this informative episode, we're joined by the lovely Kari the Mortician. Prepare to be captivated as she shares her incredible journey to becoming a household name in the funeral industry.

Get a glimpse into the surprising world of funeral directors as Kari reveals the unique ways they cope with their own grief and get to truly understand firsthand the five stages of grief (DABDA). This heartwarming conversation will leave you inspired and touched by her resilience and empathy.

Ever wonder what it takes to make a lasting impact on social media? Kari shares her secret recipe for success, and it's not what you might expect! This is a must-listen episode for anyone seeking to boost their influence on social media – but beware of the hidden pitfalls lurking behind the scenes. One must always be careful when posting online, especially on a topic like the funeral business.

Join us as we delve into the art of mindful communication, with Kari guiding us through the importance of compassionate conversation, especially when discussing grief. This invaluable lesson will change the way you approach sensitive conversations forever.

Don't miss this episode of 'The Glam Reaper Podcast' with Kari the Mortician! Tune in now to uncover her secrets, learn from her experiences, and find out how she has conquered the hearts of millions.

“We as a society need to get over ourselves and stop judging other people's grief.” - Jennifer Muldowney


- The enthralling tale of Kari's journey to becoming the trending 'Kari the Mortician'.
- Discover the ultimate social media platform to skyrocket your influence and make a lasting impact!
- Find out how to effectively manage your social media.
- Unmasking the startling truth behind the spread of misinformation by social media influencers.
- Explore the intriguing and emotional ways funeral directors navigate their own grief.
- Unlock the art of compassionate conversation: mastering mindful communication in the face of grief.

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Friday, 28 April 2023

The Importance Of Family In Times Of Grief

When a loved one dies, life appears to come crashing down from the outside, but the warmth of our neighbors, friends and family comfort us from within. There is nothing more important than having a solid community and people we can count to in times of sadness and grief. The truth is, we cannot function by ourselves. We may not even know where to begin or what to do. Family is there to pick you up and carry you through the process. Whether that is as simple as making you a cup of tea and a sandwich when you forget to eat, to handling the heavy decisions that come with funeral arrangements.

We can’t do it alone. The hugs we get from the ones we love and just being close to them mean everything.

Jobs, money, success all fall away when someone dies. You attain a “drop everything and go” mentality. The things that matter most take precedence and your priorities change. You realize that none of us are escaping death. Our lives will come to an end too, and our family will not be around forever. Reality kicks in.

Unfortunately, not everyone has those special people to depend on or turn to for comfort and help. So if you do, don’t take them for granted. We often expect that our family will always be in our lives, so when a member of our family passes away all that’s left in their place is a void; a feeling of emptiness and sadness. Their spirit remains around us, but the physical presence that once was there is gone.

There’s nothing like the love you feel from a close member of your family, that hug of familiarity, the feeling of belonging when you thought you were lost. A warm supporting environment is what we all need when we are grieving, a warm bed and a warm meal. We, humans, are simple creatures. We crave the basics, yet we often neglect these in our everyday lives as we rush from here to there, trying to climb that ladder of success. But when death comes around and knocks you off your feet, you’re left with and crave for nothing else but the basics.

The rest of the world and all its ‘wants’ drift away. Family knows you better than you know yourself. They know what you need when you are not so sure yourself. They have watched you move on, move out and move up, but they also know the true essence of who you are deep down no matter how much you’ve grown or advanced. They remind you to come back home—to yourself and to those who love you.

When you have exciting news to share or something drastic happens, the first people you typically think of to tell the news is a family member. They are your go-to confidants, counselors and listening ears (sometimes with too much advice to share when you’re not even asking for any). They drive us crazy and make us mad but come to our rescue when we are sad.

What is home to you? Is it a place? Is it whenever your heart feels content and happy? Or is It where the people you love most are?

-Siobhán Regan

Thursday, 20 April 2023

From Mourning to Trending: Funeral Innovation with Ryan Thogmartin of DISRUPT Media


Welcome to this week’s episode of The Glam Reaper Podcast, where we sit down with the Owner/CEO of DISRUPT Media, Ryan Thogmartin, to discuss the tremendous impact of social media on the funeral industry. Prepare to discover how social media has reshaped the way we perceive and engage with this traditionally solemn business, and learn how you can harness its power for your own growth.

We'll also delve into Kari the Mortician's journey to becoming a social media sensation as Ryan himself reveals the surprising connection between social media and her success. As we explore the unexpected ways social media has revolutionized the funeral industry, we'll also discuss the significant role it plays in the growth and expansion of the business. Ryan shares jaw-dropping success stories and introduces us to the new age of marketing, where tradition meets innovation.

Ryan explains how marketing is all about storytelling and that it is much different to advertising. Marketing is an important way to portray an idea or a person. People buy into people, not the company. Funeral homes are successful because of the people that represent them; therefore branding yourself as a business is very important.

Finally, we’ll get a sneak peek into DISRUPT Media, the expert solution that has helped countless funeral homes innovate and elevate their business to new heights. Tune in to this episode and don't miss this incredible opportunity to learn from the best in the business! 

“At the core, the thing that still matters the most is authenticity and relationship from an actual exchange of money.” - Ryan Thogmartin


- How Ryan juggles being an entrepreneur, husband, dad and life coach

- How Kari the Mortician’s social media presence paved her way to the top

- The game-changing impact that social media has had on the funeral industry and how it works

- The significant role of social media in expanding the reach and influence of the funeral industry

- Exploring contemporary marketing: An innovative approach to traditional marketing methods in the current industry landscape

- Unlocking the potential of social media marketing with DISRUPT Media: The expert solution to elevate your business growth to new heights

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Monday, 10 April 2023

First Not-For-Profit Funeral Home in the U.S. With The Modern Mortician

They say everything is better the second time around, which is why Jennifer is back on the Glam Reaper podcast for another episode with the Modern Mortician, Melissa Meadow.  

This time, we’re in for another treat as Melissa lets us in on her current project: the very first not-for-profit funeral home and conservation burial park in the United States. 

Her goal? To ease the burden off the shoulders of those who could not afford to give their loved ones sustainable funeral care.  

But what exactly is the story behind Melissa’s newest venture? 

Tune in to this intriguing conversation between the Glam Reaper and the Modern Mortician as they discuss that question, their vision for the funeral industry, and more.

“For me, I just wanna have a place to live and die.” - Melissa Meadows 


  • The story behind Melissa’s not-for-profit funeral home and conservation burial park 
  • How she plans to facilitate the funding of the project 
  • Her biggest WHY for the entire project 
  • A cool story about a place in Washington that has ties to Melissa’s maiden name, Unfred 

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Website -  

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Thursday, 23 March 2023

Our Unique (Carbon) Funeral Footprint

Have you ever thought about having an eco-friendly funeral?

The human species has the unique ability to shape the environment in which they live. As humans, we are able to alter landscapes, exploit natural resources, and emit pollutants that contribute to climate change. This ability also comes with a responsibility to ensure that the impact we make is as sustainable as physically possible. This is where eco-friendly funerals come into the picture. How do you live? How do you want to leave this earthly plain? In a plume of smoke? In a vault?

The funeral industry is an area where our uniqueness as humans and our lasting impact on the environment is particularly relevant. Traditional funeral practices, including the use of embalming chemicals, non-biodegradable caskets, and burial vaults, often have a significant environmental impact. This has led to a growing movement towards more sustainable funeral practices.

By embracing our uniqueness as humans and considering our personal values and beliefs, we can make informed choices about our end-of-life arrangements that align with our environmental values. This can include opting for more eco-friendly funeral options, choosing a final resting place that aligns with our values, or engaging in green burial practices.

As mentioned earlier, traditional funeral practices can have a significant environmental impact. However, there are now many eco-friendly options available, such as natural burial, alkaline hydrolysis and terramation (human composting). These options can minimize the use of harmful chemicals and reduce the carbon footprint of the funeral.

    Consider donating your body to science
    Donating your body to science can be a meaningful way to contribute to scientific research and education. This can help advance medical knowledge and potentially lead to new disease treatments.
      Support conservation efforts
      You can leave a lasting legacy by supporting conservation efforts through your will or estate plan. This can include donating money to environmental organizations or leaving property for conservation purposes.
        Opt for a greener funeral
        Green funerals can include choosing a natural burial that involves placing the body in a biodegradable coffin or shroud and burying it in a natural setting, such as a meadow or forest. Doing this can help promote biodiversity and support local ecosystems.
        Another way is to arrange for the funeral service to be held at a park or a green graveyard to reduce our carbon footprint, with the casket brought via a hearse bicycle, as seen recently in France. 

        Cutting down on travel for guests can likewise help reducewith our carbon footprint. Using seeded paper or biodegradable printed items during the service can also help. 

        For more ideas on creating a move environmentally friendly funeral see our blog post on an Eco Funeral 

        Reduce waste and consumption during your life: By living a sustainable lifestyle during your life, you can minimize your environmental impact and leave a smaller footprint after you pass away. This can include reducing waste, conserving resources, and supporting eco-friendly products and practices.

        Ultimately, recognizing our uniqueness as humans, we in the funeral industry can help create more meaningful and personalized end-of-life experiences that reflect the individuality of our clients while also minimizing our environmental impact.

        What do you think? Would you go green at the end?

        Friday, 10 March 2023

        All Things Mental Health With Barbara Kemmis of Cana


        Losing someone and mourning a loss takes a toll on the mental health of the people that are left behind, especially during the pandemic, when cremation disposal was on the rise.  Relatives’ gathering for the celebration of life gathering was very limited. 

        Now that the effects of the pandemic have waned, cremation is still on the rise, which could be understood as a result of lack of burial sites and financial constraints.  On the good side, though, the pandemic has brought a positive effect on mental health because it is openly discussed in society. 

        Jennifer’s guest for this episode is Barbara Kemmis, the  Executive Director of  CANA and conversation will focus around mental health and how cremation has evolved since the pandemic. 

        "As humans, it is our impulse to gather, to comfort each other, to celebrate together." - Barbara Kemmis


        • Does Barbara think that cremation will continue to grow after Covid? 
        • Jennifer's thoughts on funerals and celebration of life.
        •  Barbara's experience participating in an online funeral for a distant relative in the Philippines.
        • CANA's Focus Group research validation on direct cremation and cremation with service.
        • Why does Jennifer think that funeral directors losing it in terms of value servicing?
        • Thoughts on cremation as a threat to the profitability of funeral providers.
        • If there is such a thing as a positive outcome of the pandemic, it would be the increased openness on mental health.
        • Why is mental health important in developing some kind of coping mechanism?
        • Funeral directors are complemented by event planners and celebrants in providing value to families.
        • CANA is now taking an interest in different forms of disposition.


        Book mentioned by Jennifer - The Art of Gathering: How We Meet and Why It Matters by Priya Parker 

        Connect with Barbara Kemmis:

        Funeral Professionals Peer Support

        CANA Website

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        Friday, 3 March 2023

        Exceptional Learning and Networking With The President of NFDA


        In this episode of The Glam Reaper Podcast, Jennifer had an interesting conversation with the new President-elect of the NFDA (National Funeral Directors Association), Jack Mitchell. Jack is a sixth-generation funeral director with Mitchell-Wiedefeld Funeral Home in Baltimore, Maryland. Even at a young age and after being exposed to the family business, he already has an appreciation for what funeral directors do for people, and how helpful they are to people. Now as the new president-elect, he is looking to expand on the effort and the work of the association, especially where regulations are concerned. See for yourself how interesting the conversation turned out to be. Enjoy! 

        “The number one thing above all others that our members are telling us is their challenge, right now is simply getting good funeral directors.” - Jack Mitchell

        Little Nuggets of Gold:

        • Background of Jack Mitchell and his journey to becoming the president-elect of the NFDA.
        • Did Jack consider not following in his family's funeral service business?
        • What is your experience of Jack in attending the National Conventions in the past and now attending there as the President of the NFDA?
        • In what way did Covid19 affect Jack Mitchell’s ascendancy to the presidency of NFDA?
        • What makes the theme for the Service Remembrance for the National Convention extra interesting and special for 2022 being held in Baltimore?
        • Jack's thoughts on the progression or diversification of having other celebrants for the Service of Remembrance, other than the clergy.
        • What are Jack's goals or objectives for NFDA as its new President? (...A focus on the regulations and licensing for funeral directors and morticians.)
        • The different levels of obligation from a time standpoint as President of NFDA. (...How does Jack feel about the presidency?)
        • In what way did Covid19 affect Jack Mitchell’s ascendancy to the presidency of NFDA?
        • What makes the theme for the Service Remembrance for the National Convention extra interesting and special for 2022 being held in Baltimore?
        • Jack's thoughts on the progression or diversification of having other celebrants for the Service of Remembrance, other than the clergy.
        • What are Jack's goals or objectives for NFDA as its new President? (...A focus on the regulations and licensing for funeral directors and morticians.)
        • The different levels of obligation from a time standpoint as President of NFDA. (...How does Jack feel about the presidency?)
        • Jennifer's side story about how she found out about and how it can help someone learn where in the world your DNA comes from.

        Connect with Jack Mitchell:

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