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Tuesday 16 April 2024

Parenthood and The Modern Funeral Director, the story of Little Miss Funeral


APPLE podcast


In this episode of The Glam Reaper Podcast, Jennifer welcomes Lauren Leroy, a Licensed Funeral Director and the creative mind behind the blog and YouTube channel "Little Miss Funeral." 

Lauren opens up about the inspiration behind her online platform and how it became a safe space for sharing her journey in the funeral industry.

Lauren talked about her decision to prioritize her role as a parent over her career as she explored the delicate balance between family obligations and professional pursuits.

Don't miss out on this episode as Jennifer and Lauren discuss prioritizing family over career obligations and the impact that can have on your career and your mental health within the death space. Tune in now!

Quotes  From The Episode: 

I just think that it's very difficult to be a devoted funeral director and a present parent at the same time.

- Lauren Leroy

I can sleep at night knowing I gave that family all that I could in whatever way I could.

- Jennifer Muldowney

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