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Wednesday 2 February 2022

The Modern Mortician: Behind the Scenes of Funeral Planning


There is so much controversy over the options that are available for the end of life processes due to differences in legislation, corporate greed and inaccurate information being put out there to people. While there are a variety of end-of-life options that people can choose from, it ultimately all comes down to what choice you and the family make when planning for the final event. That choice will come as a result of education, and from people who are willing to educate on the level of true information.

Jennifer’s interview with Melissa Unfred, known in the funeral industry as the Modern Mortician, is very informative because as an expert herself, she gives an overview of what the future holds for the industry. In this episode on the Glam Reaper Podcast, Melissa offers a whole new perspective on the new technology that can save our planet from destruction by using green practices such as natural burials or cremation instead of conventional burial methods.

Listen as Jennifer and Melissa talk about everything you should know in preparation for the final event in life. 

Please enjoy!


  • The Modern Mortician, Melissa Unfred, introduces herself
  • How Kermit came into the life of Melissa and became her partner in crime of sorts in Tiktok and Instagram
  • A course that Melissa will soon offer on the steps and trainings dog owners need to go through for their dogs
  • How did Melissa shift to the green burial niche in the funeral industry? 
  • Melissa's viewpoint on educating people on green burial technology and why embalming is not her forte
  • What are Melissa’s thoughts on the inaccurate information circulated on embalming and being pushed by some influencers and sectors with their own agendas?
  • The premise of having a united educational course or degrees and licensing for the industry
  • The current methods of disposition that Melissa is advocating for continuous learning
  • Melissa’s personal burial preference
  • What is composting?
  • Different variations of Alkaline Hydrolysis, commonly referred to as water cremation
  • What does Melissa think about the future of burials, particularly in terms of cremation?
  • What can the funeral industry do in spite of it being the tiny percent of the worldwide industry in saving the planet and its environment?
  • Melissa’s plans and the classes she is developing