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Friday 5 July 2024

A Guide to a Meaningful Funeral Program

A funeral program is one of those heartfelt keepsakes that lets friends and family cherish and remember a loved one. This simple piece of paper turns into a memento that provides comfort and connection long after the service is over.

A funeral program, often called an order of service or pamphlet, is more than just paper. It outlines the service, shares memorable quotes, poems, and photos, and helps guide attendees through the event. This cherished memento can be personalized to reflect the unique spirit of your loved one. It’s customary to hand out programs as attendees arrive or to leave one on each seat, but there's no pressure if it doesn’t fit your style of service.

Designing a funeral program starts with understanding its structure and content. Traditional services might include things like a music prelude, scripture readings, prayers, and eulogies. Non-traditional services could feature open mic tributes, informal gatherings, and moments of silence. The goal is to honor your loved one in a way that feels authentic and meaningful.

Step-by-Step Guide to Crafting a Funeral Program

Cover Page: The cover page is the first thing people see. It typically includes the person’s name, birth and death dates, and a meaningful photo or collage. You might also add a program title or theme and an inspirational quote or saying.

Inside Pages (if any): Open the program to the main section, which outlines the order of service. This part contains details like the eulogies, music details, readings, photos, and more. It’s helpful to list the names of those participating in the service to acknowledge their contributions.

Back Page: The back of the program can include additional details like acknowledgements, thank you messages, and information about post-service gatherings or receptions. It’s also a place to share any extra quotes or personal messages. Some families choose to share a donation request here.

Personalizing the program can make it a more fitting tribute. Consider these elements:

Color and Design: Pick colors and design themes that resonate with your loved one’s personality or your family’s traditions. Floral designs, nature motifs, or specific color schemes can add a meaningful touch.

Tone: The language and tone should reflect the mood of the service. If your loved one had a great sense of humor, an upbeat tone or a witty quote might be perfect. For a more solemn or traditional service, a formal tone can be used.

Type Styles: The fonts and styles of type can set the tone of the program. Elegant script fonts might be suitable for a formal service, while clean, modern fonts can create a contemporary feel.

Photos: Including photos is a powerful way to honor your loved one. A cover photo and additional images throughout the program can show different life stages, like childhood, family life, and professional achievements.

Printing - Make sure to discuss the timeline to have the programs ready in time for the service!!

Monday 1 July 2024

Caleb Wilde - Confessions of a Funeral Director

The Glam Reaper, Jennifer sitting down with Caleb Wilde over a 3 part video - Caleb is a sixth-generation funeral director and the conversation delves into cultural sensitivity in America, funeral planning and he discusses his upbringing and familial influences that propelled him into this profession. 




Tune in to hear first hand from the man himself some confessions of a funeral director!