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Monday 10 October 2022

Cake: A Symbol of Celebrating Life Moments with Suelin Chen


Have you thought of planning your funeral? Funeral preplanning is important because it guarantees that when your time comes, your family can have a fitting and personal farewell. This means giving yourself and your loved ones the best chance of moving forward in a healthy way from the loss of a loved one.

In this episode of the Glam Reaper Podcast, Jennifer is joined by special guest, Suelin Chen, CEO of Cake, where she tells us all about her company, a digital self-serve suite of tools spanning from planning to bereavement support.

Tune in to learn how you can make your final journey extra meaningful. Enjoy!

- How to create a plan for a meaningful ending so they can live their best life through Cake
- CAKE: A symbol of celebrating life moments
- Why end-of-life planning is actually all about honoring life.
- The importance of funeral planning, and how it feels to set up your own
- Why should people know how funeral services work?

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