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Monday, 10 October 2022

Cake: A Symbol of Celebrating Life Moments with Suelin Chen


Funeral preplanning is important because it guarantees that when your time comes, your family can have a fitting and personal farewell. This means giving yourself and your loved ones the best chance of moving forward in a healthy way from the loss of a loved one.

Join us in this episode as we have our guest, Suelin Chen, CEO of Cake, talk to us all about her company, a digital self-serve suite of tools spanning from
planning to bereavement support.


  • How to create a plan for a meaningful ending so they can live their best life through Cake.
  • CAKE: A symbol of celebrating life moments
  • Why end-of-life planning is actually all about honoring life. 
  • The importance of funeral planning. (... and how does it feel setting up your own?) 
  • Why should people know how funeral services work? 

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