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Saturday 8 October 2022

Life and Death in the Funeral World: An Interview with the Hosts of Undertaking the Podcast - Part I


The guys from “Undertaking, The Podcast”, Brian Waters and Ryan Ballard joined The Glam Reaper, Jennifer Muldowney in this epic two-part (and maybe more!) episode talking all things funeral.  As we are both natural hosts of our own podcasts, there was a reversal of roles throughout.  I asked questions of the lads and Brian quizzed me back which I happily obliged!

Of course, we chatted and discussed and digressed so much that we had to edit this into two episodes and honestly, it could have been 3 but I figured not everyone wants to hear us just shooting the sh*t. In this episode, you will hear us focus mostly on the idea of the celebrant and what it can do for both families and funeral homes. Happy listening! 


  • What goes into the thought process in creating a memorial and being a celebrant?
  • How does a celebrant help a funeral home?
  • What happened when Brian, a Funeral Director, was asked to offer eulogies for the departed? 
  • Why is it okay to get emotional during the funeral service?
  • What about the clergy? Will they be replaced by celebrants?
  • How rewarding is it to be a celebrant?

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