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Monday 4 November 2013

NFDA Austin Convention 2013 - Moon Memorials

An interesting concept called Moon Memorials were providing onlookers with quite an array of merchandise from arrows and stress balls to the aforementioned dried ice cream. Neapolitan was the flavor and although I was told it was ‘delicious’ I personally like my ice cream wet! Aside from their distracting merchandise the concept of Moon Memorials intrigued me – they plan to launch the first mission to the moon carrying the ashes of 800 people as part of an outer space life celebration. The only problem I have is that this business is not yet up and running as a result of funding and also their website is unavailable currently. Not a good sign all in all but I do like the idea.


  1. The web site is up and running. Funding is available and the detail design phase is underway. It should be complete 3rd quarter of 2014. After that construction will start. The first launch will happen in 2015/

    1. Delighted to hear that! Whats the link for the website Steve?