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Tuesday 23 September 2014

Free Range Reaping!

So....we are going through a little shift in branding currently. Why? Well because to be honest we tried for too long to fit into a box that was just too small to handle us really and after reading Marianne Cantwell's book - Free Range Humans given to us by the awesome Voice Coaching Ireland, we felt we needed a change. Break free from the reins! A bit of a Run Forest Run moment. Kinda ironic considering my name is Jennifer and I OFTEN get slagged with the "Jennaaaay" quote. Anyway I am (as always) the Glam Reaper? Well it was actually an Irish Tabloid paper that nicknamed me this name some months ago and it stuck - Amongst friends, family, acquaintances, clients and more. The more I thought about it, the more ME it seemed.

Farewell Funeral Planners - the original name is a fabulous name (if I do say so myself) but it described what we were and NOT who we are now and where we are going. I am NOT a funeral planner. I am not as soft spoken as the name suggests either. The Glam Reaper might seem crass to some but meet me, hear me, read me, listen to me and you will know I am anything but crass. I started this business because I care greatly about people. I have loved and will continue to love hearing the fabulous and often heartbreaking stories from people I have worked with on funerals, on their businesses and through my book and my jewellery.

I looooove what I do but the Farewell Funeral Planners box was just too tight for what I have grown into - I have written a book - Say Farewell Your Way, I have created a line of Irish glass cremation jewellery for Humans and for Pets. I do marketing for Funeral Homes and a variety of other non funeral related products and services in the UK, USA and Ireland. I am making a documentary on the funeral business.  I write for publications all over the world, I chat with real live humans about the stories they have, the lives they have lived and the action they have seen. I want something that represents ALL of that and not one facet of it.

Summary - I like to write, think and talk about things most people don't!

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