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Friday 8 April 2016

20 ways to die in NYC

As compiled by the Village Voice.

  1. You fall through the subway grate on the sidewalk
  2. You fall through the sidewalk cellar door
  3. You fall off a roof
  4. You're struck by an exploding manhole cover
  5. You're hit by a bus
  6. You're hit by a taxi
  7. You're hit by a bicycle
  8. You're hit by a car on your bike
  9. You're hit by a falling air con unit
  10. You're hit by falling ice
  11. You're hit by a piece of construction debris
  12. You're hit by falling scaffolding
  13. You're hit by falling tree branches or trees
  14. You fall out a window
  15. You fall off a boat
  16. You touch the 3rd rail
  17. You fall down the stairs to the subway platform
  18. You fall onto the subway tracks
  19. You do the above and survive only to be hit by a train
  20. You're involved in an elevator disaster

What do you think? Have you escaped near death in NYC?
I mean these are all valid but what about murder, terrorism, heart attacks, cancer and all the other regular death inducing things?! Oh I forgot...its New York!!! ;-)

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