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Thursday 22 July 2021

One person's trash is another's Treasure in Life, in Love and in Loss with Alicia Williams - @ladytaphos Welcome to another episode of The Glam Reaper. I'm your host Jennifer Muldowney, and together with my special guests, I am excited to impart all my knowledge and experiences through my podcast episodes about different aspects of life, love, loss, and funerals. I am truly fascinated with our guest today, a TikTok sensation Alicia Williams aka Lady Taphos! Her passion for caring and giving honour to the dead is truly remarkable. She went viral on TikTok cleaning gravestones during COVID lockdown in 2020. Alicia shared how she started cleaning gravestones as therapy for herself and how it truly resonated with people from all over the world. Doing what she does cleans up a long forgotten family's headstone and even benefits the community and town. This gave motivation to other people as well. Stay tuned as Alicia shares her journey! Little nuggets of gold - A wonderful introduction about Alicia - Everything about gravestone cleaning. - How everything started for Alicia - The importance of being remembered and honoured - Raising awareness through the viral video from Alicia

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