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Friday 24 February 2023

The Grave Woman: Discussing Racism and “Good" Death


It might seem surprising, but racism remains an issue within the funeral industry despite all the talks on gender equality in this modern society. Today’s episode on the Glam Reaper Podcast with the “Grave Woman”, Joél Simone Maldonado unveils the struggles that take place behind the scenes, and how the issue of racism has been a pushback for women and women of color in the funeral industry. Joél is a licensed mortician, funeral director, embalmer and who calls herself, ‘The Sacred Greek Practitioner’. Nowadays, her focus is in the practice of educating people, funeral industry professionals and students about cultural competency, racial inclusion, regardless of faith, race, age, or status. There were some technical difficulties during the recording of this episode but Jennifer thinks that there will be a sequel to the conversation; as Joél has a lot more to offer in the funeral industry. "My experience as a black woman, I feel like I have the right to speak on those things and shed light on the lack of diversity in the industry.” - Joél LITTLE NUGGETS OF GOLD: - Who is “The Grave Woman” and what does she do now as part of the funeral industry? - How did she become "The Grave Woman"? - What were the bizarre coincidences since childhood that led Joél to this industry? - What are Joél’s thoughts in educating the funeral community and the diversity within it? - As a woman of color, does she feel there is a ‘pushback’ for her each time she attends funeral conventions and conferences? - Some people she would love to have on her Power Team

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