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Thursday 10 August 2023

Dying, Dining: Amber the Mortician’s Kitchen Tales


Welcome to another episode of the Glam Reaper Podcast! This time, Jennifer sits down with Amber Carvaly, who you probably know as the 'Mortician in the Kitchen'. Curious how she got that name? Tune in as Amber shares her life story and everything that led her to this special title.

But there is more to this conversation than just Amber’s story, as she and Jennifer also chat about topics that some find hard to talk about: death, dying, and yes, even food. So if you’ve ever thought of turning feelings of loss into something tasty, you’re not alone! Stream this episode and learn about Amber’s unique recipe, which is inspired by the ways we remember and honor our loved ones. And, make sure you don’t miss out on their tips on how you can make it easier to talk about difficult topics such as death and dying. 

We hope you enjoy this episode!

- Amber’s journey through life that led her to becoming the ‘Mortician in the Kitchen’
- The fascinating and oftentimes taboo topics of death, dying, and food
- Irish funerals and food
- How to bring these taboo topics to light and make them more accessible for everyone.
- Converting grief into recipes: A recipe inspired by funerals and memorial services

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