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Friday 5 January 2024

The Surge in Demand for Celebrants in Funeral Services

Celebrants are becoming an increasingly sought-after presence in funeral services. But what's driving this noticeable rise in demand?

Primarily, the surge is in the category of families who lack church affiliation and seek a non-religious funeral experience also known as 'none'. The nones account for a large portion of Americans, 30% of U.S. adults who claim no religious affiliation in a survey by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research.

Additionally, the burgeoning popularity of cremation has reshaped expectations. Families are no longer satisfied with traditional services. Opting for cremation grants them liberty to design a personalized tribute using (or not) the remains in an urn. Funeral professionals often hear that for cremation families, their presence is deemed optional. Funeral homes offering Celebrants witness a retention of these families within their fold. Celebrants cater precisely to a families unique needs while maintaining a connection to the funeral home. 

Moreover, an increasing number of funeral homes, particularly larger corporations, have embraced Celebrants as a standard service option for all families, integrating it into their General Price List (GPL). This integration has resulted in a noticeable uptick in revenue and heightened client satisfaction. 

Testimonial from a real life celebrant consumer

"I can not tell you what a Godsend Muldowney Memorials was to my family when my cousin unexpectedly passed away. I was from the West Coast, and knew nothing about how to do a funeral that was zoomed from the funeral home in New York to 3 different time zones to people from all over the country. Jennifer, Mikey and Siobhan were just incredible. They were so kind and professional. The service turned out beautifully, the sound and visual presentation were spot on (thanks, Mikey) and Siobahn did a beautiful eulogy. I felt like they really honored my cousin. I am truly touched at what wonderful human beings they all were. Best money I ever spent, but more importantly, they took a huge burden off my shoulders in a kind, honest, and professional way. Muldowney Memorials has my highest recommendations."

Positive experiences shared among business owners have further fueled the acceptance and interest in incorporating Celebrants into their firms. Beyond simply officiating funerals, Muldowney Memorial Celebrants offer families additional services like:

Collaborative Creation: Celebrants view their role as a collaborative and creative process shared with the family. Each word spoken is 100% approved by the family before the service and each script is meticulously crafted by the celebrant based on the family's shared experiences. 

Family Meetings: These gatherings are pivotal and healing. Spanning one to three hours, they serve as an opportunity to collect stories, allowing for the design of a personalized service for the departed. Beyond that, these meetings provide families with a platform to collectively share stories, commence the grieving process, and cultivate safe spaces for cherished memories.

Access to Expertise: Not only are Muldowney Memorial Celebrants trained and experienced celebrants who love their job but they also have access (thanks to the MM Events Team) to a wide range of expertise including AudioVisual Support, Catering, a wide variety of Venues, Florists, Funeral Directors and more.

The role of a Muldowney Memorial Celebrant involves providing a personalized funeral service, memorial service, or tribute tailored to reflect the personality and lifestyle of the departed. This is achieved through consultations with the family and coordination with the funeral home.

A Problem: Serving as both a funeral director and a Celebrant for the same family presents an immense challenge. Both roles demand substantial time and attention to distinct responsibilities. Celebrants, on average, invest 8-10 hours in preparing a service, encompassing meetings with the family, crafting the service, and conducting the service itself. Simultaneously, funeral directors juggle numerous tasks related to the service while managing calls and tending to other families in need. Given these demands, it is nearly always better for everyone involved if the work of a Celebrant is outsourced.

In conclusion, Celebrants are devoted to the fundamental principle of crafting a tribute that resonates with the unique lifestyle and convictions of the individual, ensuring that the service is a meaningful reflection of their life and values.

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