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Thursday 9 October 2014

Top 10 Irish Drinks

1 -Guinness

In 1759, Arthur Guinness acquired a four acre site and signed a 9,000-year lease for the St. James' Gate Brewery in Dublin. As the current Guinness ad claims, they are only 250 years into a 9,000 year lease with alot of Guinness left to brew. Guinness is a dark stout which can be bitter to taste. I personally can't stand to drink it but I have been told it is an acquired taste and to persist. Known for its amazing iron properties some people will claim a 'Guinness a day keeps the doctor away'.

2 -Tea

You can take your earl, chamomile, green, chai but if it ain't Barrys or Lyons then keep on walking mister! As I am not a tea drinker myself I am fascinated with the tea obsession in Ireland. On Average someone in Ireland will drink 4 cups of tea a day. Literally you cannot walk into someone's home without "will you have a cup of tea?". It solves EVERYTHING. NO matter what has happened the solution is ALWAYS "sure we'll have a cup of tea". My mind boggles but there is no denying it and sometimes you just have to accept a cuppa to be polite. Also known as a 'rosylee', 'cuppa joe', 'cup of cha' and a million others besides!

3 -Bulmers Cider

Also known as Magner's abroad due to branding issues with Bulmers in the UK, Bulmers Original Irish Cider is made in Clonmel, Co. Tipperary. A firm favorite over recent years for both men and women alike especially in the summer or after sport in the local clubhouse at the weekends. A very refreshing drink, sweet but dry and beautiful with ice on a hot sunny day after a hike allowing you to relax and soak up some Irish atmosphere.

4 -Poitin

Also known as Moonshine in other parts of the world, the production of this spirit has been banned in Ireland since 1661. It was wickedly potent - akin to Absinthe and although you might think you have stumbled upon a rarity when you see Bunratty Irish Potcheen, alas this is not as potent as the original one.

5 -Baileys Irish cream

An Irish liqueur cream enjoyed either neat or with ice or as an alternative to the Irish coffee mentioned above. Baileys is a nice, albeit fattening drink and for me, I prefer it with other ingredients as part of a cocktail but it is very smooth, sweet, creamy and extremely popular around Christmas in Ireland.

6 -Irish Whiskey

'Uisce Beatha' is Irish for whiskey and means  “the water of life”. Black Bush, Bushmills, Jameson, Kilbeggan, Paddy, Powers, and Tullamore Dew are all world renowned Irish Whiskeys. The crazy thing is because of our taxes, Whiskey is more expensive to buy in Ireland than in most other countries - even though it has been made here!

7 -Irish Coffee

An Irish coffee combines coffee, Irish whiskey, sugar and freshly whipped cream. Here is our guide on how to make the perfect Irish Coffee. Get yourself to a decent pub at any time of the day for one of these to cosy up to. Delish!

8 -TK Lemonade

Mixed with whiskey for the adults and a glass on birthdays etc for the kids, this was the drink us 80's kids grew up with! Forget you Coca Cola! Still massively used in the country TK (red or white) is not as popular in the cities but still a firm favorite, having been nudged off by the likes of Coca Cola and Lucozade.

9 -Club Rock Shandy

Ahhhh the hangover cure in a fizzy bottle! The original Club Orange was the first orange soft drink to come on the market in Ireland. Club Lemon followed and then this new drink was discovered purely by accident - a dude called Frank Murphy from Blackrock in Co. Dublin enjoyed mixing his Club Orange AND Lemon, and thus Rock Shandy as we now know it was born! Hurrah for Frank!

10 -Miwadi/Ribena

No Irish top ten list would be complete without a nod to Ribena or Miwadi. Both are dilutable fruit drinks. During war torn Ireland people were given this when they were sick. Now it is an easy way to get more water into your body and be healthy but let's be honest - it is also a big ask in bars post a night out - another hangover cure for Irish people!

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