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Tuesday 12 October 2021

How Accepting Our Death Can Bring Life to Life

 In today’s episode, I have a very interesting conversation with a gentleman who wrote a book about the meaning of life and how accepting death can lead us to a better life. A famous author of a fascinating book on the role of death and life, Sheldon Solomon.

Our conversation started with a bit of introduction about Sheldon’s life and a story on how he became enlightened about life and death. He also shared how the author and cultural anthropologist, Ernest Becker made him feel blown away by the simplicity of the author’s ideas. He also added how he found this author psychologically discombobulating with all his fascinating ideas about life, existence, and death. And with this, it became his inspiration in writing his book.

Stay tuned for more scientific but interesting facts that revolve around life and death. Send us your comments and interesting ideas after listening to this episode. Enjoy!


  • A quick introduction about Sheldon Solomon.
  • Sheldon’s enlightenment about life and death.
  • How does culture influences the way we see life and death.
  • Death, as a part of our lives.
  • How people should embrace their lives.

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