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Wednesday 6 October 2021

How Your Loved One Can Become a Real Life Rock


In today’s episode, we have a very interesting guy that I met a long time ago at a Funeral Directors Convention - the founder and CEO of Parting Stones, Justin Crowe. His incredible company developed a technology to offer families an alternative to cremated remains. Instead of receiving a bag of ashes, you may have the choice to receive a collection of solids that look very much like stones. They are the only company in the world that offers alternatives to cremated remains. This idea started when his grandfather died and he started to talk to people about their experiences. As he kept hearing the same story over and over again, about keeping the remains in a closet, basement, or garage as ashes. He thought there would be a great solution and he thought of an alternative. That is how Parting Stones began and solidified remains started. This wonderful process is also offered not just for human remains but also with our loving pets.

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