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Thursday 29 June 2023

The Radical Reaper: Sandra’s Green Vision


What if the final stage of your human journey could support the circle of life in the most natural and earth-friendly way?

Welcome to an inspiring discussion that pushes the boundaries of tradition and catalyzes a much-needed conversation about eco-consciousness, even after life. In today's episode, Jennifer dives into that which is not just shaking the ground, but actually, returns us to it. 

Join Jennifer and Sandra, aka ‘The Radical Reaper,’ as they explore this groundbreaking concept, shedding light on how we can take our environmental responsibilities beyond our human experience. Get ready to redefine the cycle of life and death, as we explore the delicate, but profound intersection of mortality, dignity, and eco-consciousness. 

One of Sandra’s goals for 2023 is to get the word out there, and educate families on their rights in the funeral service. 

What are the thoughts of our fellow Irish people? Do you think alkaline hydrolysis or green burial will take off in Ireland?

“My goal is to educate families on their rights that they have in the funeral service.” - Sandra Baker

- How Sandra, The Radical Reaper, became a licensed mortician in three states. 
- Freelance funeral director? Explore the possibility of stepping into the world of freelancing!
- TheEnd.Green Foundation: Providing access to education, support, & funding for those advancing a more symbiotic relationship with death and dying.
- What happens when our planet’s burial space reaches its full capacity?
- The green future of human composting, alkaline hydrolysis, and other types of green burial arrangements.

Connect with Sandra Baker:

Connect with Sandra Baker:


Instagram: @The_Radical_Reaper 


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