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Monday 2 April 2012

An end of life wish between friends

Nachu Bhatnagar and Colton met at a summer camp in Yale. 

18-year-old high school seniors, Nachu lives in Maryland, and Colton lives in California. 

Nachu was diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma - a bone cancer and treatment was unsuccessful.

Instead of talking college applications, these friends were discussing end of life plans.When asked what he wanted for his birthday Nachu told Colton he wanted to read a book, but not just any book. Nachu is a huge fan of author Harry Turtledove, an author who writes historical fiction. He wanted to read series 4 of a 6 book series the author was writing on World War II. Book 4 wasn't due out until July which Nachu was not likely to live to see.

Colton went onto the Internet to see if he could source an advance of the book. He went onto and through a series of conversations with strangers, the book arrived at his house before he was due to fly over to Nachu. Colton surprises Nachu on his birthday in this video......

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