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Tuesday 28 August 2012

End of Life Planning

Death is one of those absolute certainties.  We constantly make plans for things that might never happen so why do we sometimes shirk planning for death? Something we know WILL happen.

Who do you want to inherit your house (and remember the mortgage protection policy will discharge the mortgage)?   Who do you want to be Guardians of your children?  Will your partner be adequately looked after?  Is your spouse adequately protected?  Have you make provision for that vulnerable child?  

It is up to you to answer these questions but your Solicitor can ensure that your wishes are given effect by including them in a properly drafted Will.

Where do you want to be buried?  What sort of funeral service do you want?  Do you wish to be cremated?  

When our clients are making their Wills, we also provide them with the option of contacting Jennifer at Farewell Funeral Planners to ensure that all their wishes are recorded and dealt with.

Discussing death does not need to be gloomy and depressing.  Knowing that your wishes will be respected can be soothing and even uplifting.

Thanks to Liam Keane of Liam Keane and Partners in Dunshaughlin for this blog entry.

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