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Wednesday 22 August 2012

10 things to know about funeral planning

  1. Do a preplan. This puts in writing exactly what you would like and how you would like it, leaving loved ones burden free in deciding what song, flowers, poems they should choose to represent you. Saves money overall and puts the power in your hands. 
  2. Plan ahead of a Funeral home visit. Know what you would like ahead of time because more than likely the undertaker can and will oblige. Not knowing what you want could incur massive costs to you and your family.
  3. Compare prices. Funeral prices can vary hugely, even in the same county so don’t be afraid to ring up and ask for prices ahead of time. Unfortunately most funeral homes do not display their prices on their websites so a bit of research is required here.
  4. Know who you are dealing with. Like with most purchases you make, you choose to buy from a reputable company, you should do likewise with a funeral home.
  5. Think local and small. Small, independent funeral homes can often provide you with a better quality and more personal service at a cheaper price so don’t forget the little guy.
  6. Are they are member of the IAFD? Does this matter? It has an established Code of Practice which must be followed by all of it's members.
  7. Extra extra. Read all about the extra’s that you may incur if you are not careful. Only purchase what you need. Embalming, grave cover, and pallbearers are all extras that you may not need. 
  8. Inspect the products you are purchasing as much as is physically possible.
  9. Hire a funeral planner. An honest funeral planner will spend time with you and show you all the options available to you, both on cost and variety. But bear in mind that you are paying for their expertise and professionalism. If at any point this comes into question, you have the right to decline their services.
  10. Disbursements. Funeral Disbursements are fees that are paid on behalf of a client by a Funeral Director to third parties i.e crematorium, newspaper, clergy etc. 

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