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Friday 27 June 2014

Donating a body to Science

I was watching the Billy Connolly UTV/ITV show - Billy Connolly's 'Big Send off'.

And in the second episode he investigated the whole concept of donating ones body to science for research, exploration, medical development and education. I have to say before I saw this episode I was with Billy in that I "didn't want anyone looking at my wobbly bits" when I wasn't there to defend them. But what was interesting and mind blowing for me was the sincere thanks and appreciation that the deceased received from those who had 'used' their bodies. A little thank you note to someone who can't read it might seem a little silly but I was genuinely moved by this and I thought if I was able to see this Thank You note and it belonged to someone I knew who had donated their body, I would be moved once again by how much that person meant to me and still does in death.

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